The vast majority of our content is editorially independent, developed at our own cost. However, we do collaborate and receive funding from select industry partners in the following ways; all sources of such funding are fully declared on all these materials:

·         Print and eBook adverts at the front and back of the journals (never within the journal text)

·         Web advertising

·         Interstitial adverts

·         Pre-roll video adverts (as pre-cursors to our independent content)

·         Promotional/supplemental content (published as supplements to our peer-reviewed journals)

·         Supported webinars, roundtable discussions, video interviews, and live cases

·         Continuing medical education activities

Advertising is not permitted to influence editorial decisions. Advertisements cannot be carried by the journal that juxtapose editorial content on the same product. Adverts may appear at the front and back of a journal (never within the text). Misleading adverts may be refused. 

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